Update on 2017/18 captains and selectors

The club has announced selectors and captains for 2017/18.

Selectors will be Ottie Skewes, Neil Wilson, Dave Merrick and Tony Halliday, plus the captains and vice-captains listed below and the Chair, Christine Winans.

Jane Chetwynd is Ladies' Captain with Grace Maguire as Vice-Captain. Sam King is the new Men's Captain with Tony Halliday as Vice-Captain.

A huge thanks goes to Oli Hayes for his dedication and enthusiasm over the past couple of years. His coaching and advice will continue to be greatly valued by the club.

Massive thanks also to Phil Badger for his support and input as a selector over the last few years. We will continue to benefit from and value his contribution to the running of the club as a member of the committee.

We have issued new job descriptions and a revised selection process which are available on the website at hrgc.co.uk/rowers-information/selection-documents/