Head of the River Race | Saturday 6th October 2018

Helford River Gig Club are delighted to be hosting their annual Head of the River Race this October. Please find below more information about the event and who to contact to secure your space in the competition.


  • Times to be confirmed

Further information and signing up

Nic Wilson - nic.thegarth@gmail.com

Information for competing clubs

  • Each competing crew must bring a radio.
  • This is a pursuit race. You will be given your start time at the Coxswains' Meeting.
  • Start times are dependent on the gig's crew (eg Ladies, Men, Mixed, Vets, Juniors etc). We welcome any and all combinations.
  • All trailers must be clearly marked with the name of the gig.
  • At the end of the race, your trailer will be brought to you and towed up to the clubhouse for you. Please be patient while this operation takes place.
  • Soup, hot drinks, cakes and a BBQ serving bacon rolls available in the gazebo by Ferryboat beach, Helford Passage.
  • Toilets available in the Ferryboat Inn by kind agreement. Please support and respect the pub, its seating and its clients.
  • All participants are invited to the clubhouse for food, drink, dancing and prize-giving.
  • Overnight camping is available at the clubhouse by prior arrangement.

Spectators welcome - see details above for catering at Ferryboat beach.

If there is enough interest, there may be a spectator's boat following the Juniors and also watching the finish. Contact Ian at ian@helford-river-boats.co.uk for more info.