Guest Rowers

If you are a former member of the club or if you are a visitor or local who would like to row but you are not intending to join the club, then you may row up to three times a year, as a guest of a current HRGC Member, at a cost of £5 per row.

As a Guest Rower, you must print off and complete the Taster and Guest Rower Disclaimer form before your row and pay the £5 fee, by:

  • cheque, payable to HRGC
  • cash
  • online Bank Transfer, to Helford River Gig Club A/c no. 30354368, Sort code: 20-87-94. (Please use your name and the word GUEST as the reference.)

If you wish to row more than three times in a year, then you must join or re-join the club.

Please also note that Members have priority over Guest Rowers in the formation of a crew.

Note to the Member hosting a Guest Rower: You are responsible for ensuring that the form is completed and is sent, together with the £5 fee, to Dave Merrick, Treasurer.

Note to new rowers: If you are new to rowing, or to the club, and you are thinking about joining us, you are entitled to three taster rows, free of charge, before joining. Please see New to Rowing? for more details.