Joining HRGC Process

If you would like to join HRGC, please send an email to giving your name and indicating the type of membership for which you are applying. Please note that if you are under 18, you should ask your parent or guardian to email on your behalf. The following types of membership are available at HRGC:
  • Ordinary Adult
  • Cadet Membership (16-19 years)
  • Cadet 18 Membership (over 19 years and in full-time education)
  • Junior Membership (under 16 years on Jan 1st of this year)
  • Social Only Membership
Membership Fees,  are as follows:
  • Ordinary Adult £90
  • Cadet £30
  • Cadet 18 £30
  • Junior £15
  • Social £15
Adult members joining fees, are £90 if the member joins before June 30th. After June 30th a sliding scale for adult member applies.
  • Member joining in July £80
  • Member joining in August £70
  • Member joining in September £60
  • Member joining in October £50
  • Member joining in November £40
  • Member joining in December £30
  • Member joining in January £20
  • Member joining in February £10
There is no sliding scale of membership fees for membership other than adult. Please note that HRGC reserves the right not to grant membership, in line with its constitution.