New Rowers

Gig rowing is the fastest growing sport in the South West.  It keeps you active and is hugely sociable.  It involves men and women, girls and boys from the very young to the very old.  In no other sport can you have a team made up of 12 year old kids and grey haired oldies competing in the same crew at the same time!  It is tremendous fun.

Having said that, it can be hugely competitive.  If winning is what you like, then a little hard work can get you anywhere.  Our top Ladies’, Men’s and Veteran’s crews all lie in the top ten in the world!  We take our rowing very seriously and look forward to getting even higher up the ranks.  Perhaps you are the rower that can help get us there!

Rowing can also be a great sport for anyone who just wants to get out and enjoy the water, and take a bit of exercise. Helford Gig Club has a lot of members for whom this is their primary focus.

If you want to have a go,  please get in touch by email at