Falmouth Regatta November 2021

Helford River Gig Club

Well done to our amazing teams who slogged their hearts out at the Falmouth regatta on the 9th October. The weather was clear, the water smooth, and the company grand.

HRGC’s Ladies A crew

Falmouth were on top form and won several of the races, however as the host club, they kindly conceded all their first places. This means our Ladies Vets came 2nd and our Mens A crew came 3rd. 

Each race was a sprint race with several heats depending on your first round place. In some instances, rowers competed more than 5 times. The mixed race was the only long race with only one heat. Everyone did brilliantly and I hope you join me in raising a glass to our rowing warriors!

Mens A Crew –  Ashley, Baz, Dan, Gary, Jim, Sam.

Ladies A Crew – Christine, Ellie, Jo, Hattie, Rach.V, Shelley.

Ladies Vets / Supervets Crew – Cags, Claire, Hattie, Jo, Rita, Sue. 

Mens Vets/ Supervets Crew – Baz, Dan, Gary, Jim, Nigel, Sam. Whilst our brilliant crew WON, they were sadly disqualified due to Sam not being old enough.

Mixed Crew – Ashley, Olly, Misri, Penny, Rach.F, Sam.

A special thanks to Sam who stepped in at short notice to row … again (he’d completed over 4 rows by this point) with our mixed crew after Baz deserted us! It was lovely rowing with you. 

HRGC rowers celebrating at Falmouth Regatta