Ferry Boat Beach

The scenic Ferry Boat Beach is where we hold our successful yearly events with the immediate local community's support and outstanding club members' support. From October to March, our crews can be seen handing over at Ferry Boat Beach throughout the week. During peak summer months, we change over at Pedn Billy Beach to avoid increased water traffic. Special Thanks to The Ferry Boat Inn for working in partnership with us during these events.

Pedn Billy Beach

The beautifully located Pedn Billy Beach is where we store our training gigs for daily use. We launch and stow from this unique beach and can row between the mouth of the river and Tremaine Quay. Pedn Billy means: Rocky headland. Special thanks to Nigel and Tom Bligh, who own Pedn Billy Beach. Without their kindness and generosity in allowing our use of their beach, we wouldn't be able to stow our gigs in this stunning location or row all year round. Thank you from HRGC.