HRGC Ladies A crew World Champions

This years World Pilot Gig Championships saw our Ladies A crew crowned queens of the world 2023. Helford have always been high in the rankings and worked tirelessly to improve year on year. In 2022 the Ladies A crew achieved an amazing 2nd place which inspired them to reach for the top.

Rain or snow, frost or waves, they got out on the water and racked up the gym hours to be at their strongest for the 2023 World Championships.

The team above from top left to bottom right consists of: Rachel Vague, Genna Whitehead, Jo Murray, Gracie Maguire, Ellie Brittain-Long, Ottie Skewes and their cox George Wilson.

They battled hard through each race and the fields of fog, and Fowey fought to retain their title every second of every race. On the final race as the ladies neared the finish, Fowey were slightly ahead. As we watched from afar, screaming our little hearts our, Helford ladies seemed to go up their final gear to overtake and storm across the finish line victorious.

We could not be more proud of this amazing crew and their epic achievements.

Well done to our competitors who refused to back down and made it such a heart-stopping final.